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Snap + for SnapChat - The SnapChat tweak that makes SnapChat easier and more convenient to use, lets you save media and improves on the SnapChat interface.

Snap + for SnapChat is a fully featured tweak that allows you to modify how you interact with SnapChat and how it handles common behaviors.

Feature List:

Media Enhancements:

  • Automatically or Manually Save Incoming and/or Outgoing Snaps - Set Snapchat up to automatically save all incoming or -outgoing snaps so you can always review them later.

  • Save to Phone or Snapchat Vault - Save Snaps to your phone or the built in Snapchat + vault for ultimate security.

  • Disable Story AutoSwitch - Annoyed that stories automatically move from an image/video before you're done looking? Now you can control the flow.

  • Disable Snap Countdown - No longer have to worry about snaps disappearing before you have a good look!

  • Disable View Receipt - You get to decide when your snap partner gets a view receipt. You get to see the snap without notifying them!

  • Spoof Snapchat Settings - Now you can spoof almost all Snapchat default settings, like Temperature, Speed and Story read request.

  • Save Chat Messages - Messages in the SnapChat no longer disappear. Just scroll up to see them all!

  • Share Chat Messages - Long click to copy/share chat text

Face and Filters Enhancements:

  • Custom Community Filters - Use filters created by the community.

  • Custom Local Filters - Upload your own filters to use.

  • Now Playing Filter - Show others what you are listening to :).

  • Default Faces - Enable the default faces

App Enhancements:

  • Advanced Image Editing - We've integrated additional image editing options for text and images so you can make the coolest snaps out there.

  • Geographic Spoofing - Now you can pick what city you're in to get access to all of the awesome filters SnapChat provides.

  • Disable Screenshot Log - Want to take a screenshot of a snap but don’t want your friend to know? Now you can.

  • Snapchat + Media Vault - Now you have the option to save images with a built in media vault

  • Password and TouchID - Limit access to your SnapChat by turning on a Password or Using TouchID.

  • Disable Shutter Sound - Want to take snaps discreetly? Now you can disable the shutter sound.

  • Clear Badges on Exit - Even if you don’t watch all of your snaps, you can remove the annoying red notification badge when you exit SnapChat.

  • Activator Integration - Now you can integrate SnapChat with activator so you can take Snaps with custom controls.

Usability Enhancements:

  • Status Bar Notifications - Get a small ghost on the top iOS status bar whenever snapchat is in the background and you get a new Snap

  • Snap from Lock Screen - When enabled, you can open snapchat from the Lockscreen (bottom left), to open directly into Snapchat

  • Enable/Disable Autoload of all media - You can disable the auto load of Snaps, Stories and/or Discovery feeds to save ----bandwidth. If enabled, the media won’t load until you click on it.

  • Hide Discovery and Live Stories - No longer have to see the Discovery or Live Stories in your story feed.

Please note that using 3rd party tweaks and apps is against Snapchat TOS and it could get your account locked / banned. This tweak does not implement any kind of DRM checks nor is it possible to know every method that Snapchat could use to detect its presence. Use at your own risk.


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