About Us!

We are a small team that wanted to make a beautiful alternative app installer that provides both signed and unsigned apps. We started the orginal iOS Haven in August 2017 and we have grown quite fast and now have built a community for ourselves. Our site is built for our community and is powered by them we run on 100% donations to keep the site alive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to not only provide an alternative app installer but also provide unsigned apps for our users here are some reasons why

We also have signed apps on our site for people who like things simple or don't have a computer to sign their own apps. We are adding new apps and games everyday to our site and we have all the ++ apps, tweaked apps, hacked games, cydia apps, and jailbreak apps all these apps both have a signed and unsigned download links.

Need to Contact us?

If you ever need to contact us about the site or just anything in general you can do so Here